Try VS. Do another look

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

You don’t know how you’ll enjoy an activity until you try it. Let’s use the ole’ sky diving experience again. Let’s say you get on the plane, strap yourself to a professional, and hop out of the plane. You did it! Hooray! Yay for you. Y’all landed without any problems, and you peeled the straps off and said, “Meh.”

man in yellow jumpsuit and man in black jumpsuit sky diving
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I personally don’t understand how you could just shrug and say, “Meh.” But, you did. It wasn’t right for you, whatever the reason. You didn’t enjoy it. Okay. You tried it and on to the next adventure. Scuba diving. Woot!

Your idea for a business didn’t pan out. There could be many reason why it didn’t work. You handled it improperly. You lost interest. No one else seemed interested in your great idea. Location. Location. Location. So try again, different business. Different place. More exciting to you and others. Try again.

Try a new activity every week. Try a new food. Try a different restaurant. Go to a different city or state. Experience life. Try it. Do it.


Be true to yourself.