The Voodoo You Do

A lot of people have that ‘it’s too good to be true’ mentality. So, to prove themselves correct they do or say something to ruin it all. For instance, you are on a date, it’s going great. Y’all have so much in common. You’re both laughing at the same cheesy jokes. This could be love! You’re imagining a future with this person and then, a stranger accidentally bumps into your shoulder. He apologizes and goes about his business. You, however can’t let it go. You complain, curse, maybe even glare at the guy. This behavior   is not your norm, but the girl doesn’t know that. She has to judge on the here and now. So, she’s imagining a life without you. Geez, you act like that toward a stranger, what’ll happen to her if she accidentally burns the chicken one night?

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Now, you’re heart-broken because she won’t respond to your texts and calls. Deep inside, you know what happened. Your own mind is your worst enemy. You wondered why such a wonderful, beautiful girl was interested in you. Self talk answered you. She only wants your money. She’d just cheat on you. etc. So, something snapped and you decided to chase her away.

This sort of thing happens all the time. You go for a job interview with a corporation you’ve been praying for. You’re perfect for the job. You have the experience, the training. It is a slam dunk and BOOM! You blow the interview. That self talk gotcha again. It said you weren’t good enough. You listened. So, you destroy your chances before they can tell you no.

Take a deep breath and evaluate the voices in your head. Negative self talk needs to be discarded. Thrown away. Build confidence in yourself. Give pats on the back for doing a good job. Feel pride in your accomplishments. Look forward to new things, new adventures, new people and places.

Be positive.


Be true to yourself.