New Day, New Way

Life is crazy, ain’t it? One day you’re on top of the world and the next, not so much. But, we roll with it. We try to see the silver lining. We strive to be better. We try to have more patience with others and situations. We want to be good. We want to be accepting. Don’t we? We should right? Right.

Each new day gives us the opportunity to do just that. Be better. Roll out of bed, drink that awesome coffee, eat that muffin. Meditate. Draw a tarot card for the day, whatever you do spiritually each day. Ritual. Start your day with a ritual. I know some folks are rolling their eyes, but you’re already doing a ritual each and every day. You wake, drive to a coffee shop, and get a super duper vanilla grande hazelnut chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles! The sprinkles are important!

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Each new day gives you an opportunity to be a better person. Pay attention to your pathways. Even driving to work, look around you, soak in nature as much as possible, cause the next eight hours, you’ll be trapped in a room, wishing you have a window seat. Let’s talk about my choice of wording there, trapped. It’s no surprise the majority of people feel trapped at work. Our bodies remember the time when we ran the land, wearing animal skins. It’s in our blood and we desire the sun and the moon. We want to star gaze. We want freedom.

The world is changing. If you’re on Facebook you have seen the term, New Earth. It’s coming folks. A massive change. You asked will it be a change for the good? Yes, but (there’s always a but, ain’t it?) change is never easy. It can hurt. And with every new day, you must find the way to be better than you were in the past. Even if it’s something small, like you plan to smile more every day. That beautiful smile of yours could spark a smile with someone else. You may not even know this other person, but you made him or her smile. another stranger sees the smile and they too smile. Your smile has changed the day for a bunch of people.

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It’s a new day. Think better. Do better.

Be true to yourself.