Intention is defined as an aim or a plan. I’m certain you have heard many phrases with the word “intention” like, ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.’ Or maybe the ever popular, ‘I didn’t intend for that to happen.’ These phrases are quite negative aren’t they? And y’all know I’m all about positive vibes. So let’s take a good look at intentions.

Let’s start at thinking intentions. I wake every morning and think to myself, “Man, I intend to exercise some time today.” That’s a good intention, right? Right. Not right. What? Yeah, it’s an awesome intention, because I need to exercise. The problem is it’s vague. I don’t give myself a time. I always think, I’ll find the time, so then I go to work for eight hours, go to the grocery store, come home, do laundry, empty the dishwasher, cook, eat, fill up the dishwasher, and then go to bed. When did I get to exercise? I didn’t. (This is my life and in many cases, your life as well.)

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Saying intentions. I verbally say every day, “I intend to write for one hour, at least, today.” (see the above work eight hours, etc sentence) Sometime I actually get to follow through with this one. Sometimes I don’t, because life happens. I try my best not to beat myself up for missing a day. The next day I state my intentions and do my best to follow through.

Writing intentions down and holding yourself responsible. I have a notebook I scribble in each week. I start on Sunday and write my plan for each day of the week. Then I go back to the previous week and write out what I actually did each day. I don’t make excuses. I state just the facts ma’am. And I always say, “I’m gonna do better.”

I’m not perfect. I am human. Yes, I kinda fuss at myself for not getting things done, but the main point is I give myself kudos for doing the things I did do.

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I give myself a pep talk each week. Perhaps I should do this every day? My intent is to start each day with goodness and peace in my heart. This is easy to do. I meditate every morning. Then I drink coffee or as some people call it, ‘anti-murder juice’, and I listen to music on the way to work. I listen to soothing meditation type tones for a short while, then change to music at work. I go in with a smile and leave with a bigger smile. I’ve began to leave things go at home. The dirty dishes can stay in the sink awhile. I need to write. Did I hear someone say something along the lines of, ain’t that selfish? No. It’s self love. You have to take care of yourself before you can help others. If you’re sick how can you heal others?

So, it’s time for my notebook to come out so I can reset my daily intentions. Cross your fingers folks and wish me luck. Get yourself a notebook and sit outside or some place where you feel at peace and write down your intentions. Be specific, but flexible. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Intend to be positive. Intend to be at peace. Intend to care for other people. Intend to be the best you, you can be.

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Be true to yourself.