Nature Heals

Back at home, I loved to walk the beach, barefooted, cause that’s the only way to walk on the beach. You hafta feel the sand between your toes. The cool saltwater rushing up your ankles, trying to drag you deeper into the sea. (I have an active imagination) We used to take hikes, along the marshy areas, which there were plenty. We looked for birds and other wildlife. We moved to the mountains so now I walk barefooted in the grass. We visit creeks and rivers. We still hike and look for treasures. Special looking rocks, animal life, crazy trees, weird structures. My husband likes to fish and finds the act relaxing. Mind freeing in fact. I’m happy to sit outside in the sun and read a book or write. On cool nights, there’s no better place than to be outside, by a fire with your friends.

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Nature is pure. It is healing to the busy mind and soul. The Native Americans knew this. All creatures had a spirit, which they praised and thanked. Somehow, we forgot. We became a people consumed by mechanics, technology, and ideology. We were more concerned with who was right and who was wrong, than the fact that Earth’s animals were fading away and going extinct. We forgot about Mother Nature, who storms into our life to remind us we are not in charge, but we have lost touch. We’re missing the lesson, so she needs to repeat it over and over.

Nature is nature. A rock stays a rock. The bobcat will always be a bobcat, doing bobcat things. Bears wander around being bears. They eat, sleep bunches, and scratch their backs on trees. They don’t change their minds or actions into wolves and do wolf things. Bears don’t run in packs and howl at the moon. They accept what they are, because that’s what they are.

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The lesson of Mother Nature is to be. Accept who you are. Be who you are. Relax your mind. Feel the spirits of the universe. Talk to the animals, watch them, and learn. Free yourself and listen to the wolf howl at night. Watch the birds fly by in the sky. Talk to the dragonfly and receive messages from the bees.

Sit outside and close your eyes. Listen. Turn off the negative self-talk in your mind and listen to nature. She has so much to tell you, so much to share, if only you would give her a chance to tell you her side of the story.

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Remember, be true to yourself.