Soul Contracts

It’s been said that people come into your life for different reasons. Some enter your life for a short time and some for a long period of time. Some people show up to help you succeed, while others barge in or are welcomed in under different circumstances. They are here to teach us a lesson. The big thing is to know the difference between these people, which is the difficult part of life, for they don’t have signs hanging around their necks. But if you pay attention, watch, and listen you’ll notice the warning signs.

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I believe in soul groups. We all have a particular group of people around us. These folks are our friends, family, and yeah, enemies. We all sign a soul contract before our lives begin, detailing our individual lives and purposes. Before we go further, nobody means to get revenge or any thing like that. It’s not like that at all. Revenge is something we made up. I’m talking about higher purposes here. True life purpose comes at a cost. We don’t get to merrily skip through life. We all must face trauma. It’s how we build ourselves. We overcome. We learn to fight. Or we give up.

One lifetime your now mother could have been your sister or daughter. Your best friend could have been your worst enemy. They signed a contract, just like you did. The point is to experience life. Learn your lessons. Overcome the wrongness, the bad things that could have happened. Forgiveness. We are here to raise above and become the beings we are.

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As for those warning signs I mentioned. Pay attention to those red flags folks. Pay attention to your gut feelings. Practice safety precautions. Listen to your heart and your mind. Weigh the pros and cons. Meditate. Practice mindfulness. Start your journey. Be strong, because you are stronger than you realize.

Most importantly: Be true to yourself.

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