Tree of Life

According to the Bible, The Garden of Eden contained two “special” trees. One everyone knows is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is the one where Eve was tricked by a serpent to eat of the fruit. The serpent told her she would be like the gods. She would know what they knew, but we all know the serpent lied, because her eyes were opened to the world and the knowledge she had disappeared. What knowledge? Of God. Of the wonders of the worlds. It was all right there for her to enjoy. Now I’m not bad mouthing Eve at all. Nopety nope. Eve was tricked and then took the blame, because Adam wasn’t man enough to withstand the storm.

Anyway, the other “special” tree was the Tree of Life. If one were to eat of the fruit they would live forever. It was because of this tree, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden. Later, in the Bible it states this tree was moved from the Garden of Eden and placed in Heaven.

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I’m going to suggest that maybe, perhaps, a Tree of Life grows within each and every one of us. Say what? Yeah. Let’s break it down and take a looksee. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Roots. Hey, there is a root chakra located at the base of our spine. True. Plus we are all rooted to the Earth. We are of the Earth. We are a part of nature. Remember dust we are and dust we will become at the end. Our surroundings inspire us and are a part of us. I live near the mountains. We go hiking in our environment. We play in the mountain creeks. We eat of the wild fruit and game. On the same hand, I was born near the beach. I miss the sand. The seashells. The salty water. The fresh seafood. Yes I long for home, to return to my roots. One more thing about roots, if you feed them well and keep them watered, they will become strong, but if you mistreat them, they’ll be weak.

Bark. No, not what the dog says. Bark is a tree’s skin. Much like our skin, except not as smooth and in ways, stronger. The bark can protect the tree only so much. Sometimes the danger doesn’t come from without, but within. Those weak roots we just talked about can bring the whole tree down. We need to care for the bark, just like the roots, because if we don’t, bugs and other small things could sneak in and damage the tree.

Leaves. They stretch and soak in the sun every day. Just like we should do, when we can every day. The leaves make up the trees branches. Other species live there. Bugs, which feeds the birds who live among the branches. Snakes. (yikes) Monkeys. all sorts of creatures call trees home. We can look at those leaves and believe everyone we meet is there, whether they are part of our lives or not. As you know, leaves are shed every year. Friends and people come and go all the time. The tree doesn’t cling to the falling leaves. It knows more leaves will appear.

Fruit. Most trees bear fruits, now sometimes these fruits are not for eating, but some people do so anyway then whine about having a stomach ache. Fruit doesn’t just mean like peaches all the time. Sometimes, fruit mean a new car or a house. Fruit comes from nurturing those roots, taking care of the bark, and spraying the leaves. Fruit can be a reward. If you’re not taking care of the tree, the fruit may be barren or poisoned.

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Seed. Within the fruit there are seeds, so that the tree can reproduce and make more peach trees. Just like we reproduce and fertilize a seed. We want our children to be strong: to have good roots. We want our children to be strong: to have thick skin. We want our children to be strong: to have many good friends. We want our children to be strong: To bear their own children when it’s their time.

Like a spiral, life continues. Repeating time and time again. Trees have been with us since the beginning of time. We built home from them. We write on them. We smoke their leaves. We eat of their fruit. We plant more trees. We care for the roots, bark, and leaves. Without trees we will die out. Without our children, we will die out. We are all connected. We are one.

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Be true to yourself.